St. Louis County Port Authority

The St. Louis County Port Authority was established by Missouri state statute for four purposes: promote the general welfare; encourage private capital investment by fostering the creation of industrial facilities and industrial parks within the port district; endeavor to increase the volume of commerce; promote the establishment of a foreign trade zone within the port district. The St. Louis County Port Authority is governed by a seven-member board of commissioners appointed by the St. Louis County Executive and confirmed by a majority of the St. Louis County Council.

Staff Contact:

Tim Tucker
314.615.7686 phone
[email protected]

Board of Directors:
Sheila Sweeney, Chairperson
S.M. Sweeney & Company

Nanci E. Napoli, Secretary/Treasurer
Vice President & Director of Business Development
St. Louis Title, LLC

Frank McHugh
Director of Guidance
Granite City High School

Greg Hayden
Luxemberg Realty

Edward C. James
Jacobs Civil

Diane Porthouse Lochner
Mitchell Wall and Associate Architects, Inc.

Charles Wiegers
Vice President
Baron Spices